Interview with Music Director Shankar (Shankar-Jaikishan) - Vividh Bharati

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Interview with Music Director Shankar (Shankar-Jaikishan) on Vividh Bharati

English Translation

[This interview with Shankar (Shanker-Jaikishen) was broadcast some time in the mid-70s on the radio channel Vividh Bharati....... probably initial part of the conversation is missing in this clip].

Sheel Kumar: OK, by the way till now, you have given music in how many films?
Shankar: Sheelji! I think it is close to 200.

Sheel Kumar: And silver jubilee-golden jubilee among these...?
Shankar: I think there is no count of the silver jubilee ones.

Sheel Kumar: Shankarji! Even today, your old songs are fresh in the minds of listeners. So what difference do you feel between the music of your era i.e. 10-20 years ago and the new music of the current times?
Shankar: Yes Sheelji! I too am observing it. Old music and old songs are played a lot today. I think Sheelji, it is like that though I don't want to criticize today's music, today's music is also good; but the thing lacking in today's music, what I feel, is that in the earlier music and the songs, there was soulfulness, honesty, understandable lyrics, tunes, rhythm, situations were also there for them, and probably these were the reasons why they were liked and probably due to which they are repeating the old songs, old music. Today's music has a lot of noise... which note should be used where, I think that is missing to some extent.

Sheel Kumar: That means something is lacking somewhere!
Shankar: Definitely something is lacking.

Sheel Kumar: So there are new music directors as well as the old ones who are continuing, would you like to say them a few words of advise about music?
Shankar: Definitely - new people must come, I always wish for the new people to come forward. We too were new some day, but based on our work, intelligence and efforts, we have reached this level. Though I (we) have a lot more to do. So I am happy for the new comers, they should come, but the point is that if they do something of new style in new way then there are a lot of opportunities for them.

Sheel Kumar: So Shankarji, which is your upcoming film in which you have music with some new style?
Shankar: Oh sure-sure, why not! My (our) 'Do Jhooth' is going to be released shortly. I hope after listening to the music of 'Do Jhooth', people will like it a lot. And along with it - the music of 'Sanyasi' which I have based especially on raag bhairavi.

Sheel Kumar: So that song for the listeners... (clip ends)

….. next clip starts

Song: Chal sanyasi mandir mein….

Sheel Kumar: Shankarji! After the 'Sanyasi' song, I would like you to reply to these beautiful questions. This is the first question from Aniruddha-Rajkot, he writes - among mother's endearment and a guru's teachings, which has the higher status?
Shankar: Sheelji! A mother's endearment is after all a mother's endearment. And mother is a big strength (for anybody). And guru - guru too has a very high status since he imparts knowledge. As you must have seen for music - 'guru bin kaise gun gaave, guru na maane to gun nahin aave.'

Sheel Kumar: Ok, the next question is from Kanpur - Jitendra Kumar. He asks, instead of honouring a person during lifetime, why do we worship him after he passes away?
Shankar: I too think the same way, if a person does good work in life, earns a name, he should be given due respect. Then the person too will feel good and his near & dear ones will also feel good. It should be done while the person is alive but why it is not done so, I too can't say. Probably it is because human beings have a feeling of jealousy due to which they don't give (due respect) when a person is alive and give it after the person is no more (considering) OK give it (let respect be paid) to him as the person has died now.

Sheel Kumar: That's beautiful! OK now Bhagwati Kashyap from New Delhi asks - if woman is a closed envelope whose nature can't be read, then what is a man?
Shankar: Man is a book. Anybody can read it!
Sheel Kumar: OK!
Shankar: But woman is like a closed envelope and her respect lies in it. If the envelope gets opened then the woman loses her respect!

Sheel Kumar: Let's move ahead, this question is from Mohammad Saeed, he asks from Kanpur - when do turbulent times come in a person's life?
Shankar: It is like that Sheelji, if anybody does some wrong deed and some wrong deed is going on, only then turbulent times come, and can come anytime.
Sheel Kumar: OK, have there been turbulent times in your life?
Shankar: Sheelji, turbulent times come every now and then in my life. Whenever a movie (with my music) is released, it is a big hurricane. But when a person wants to bring back the bygone, then there is only turbulence - always. But I would say..... (Song - 'Chalo bhool jaaein...' from ‘Do Jhooth’).